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Education Committee: Good News Stories
  1. Setting an Example
  2. Alcohol & Drug Addictions amongst our youth
  3. Three-dimensional facial reconstruction

Setting an Example

Today, Brittany Mackenzie Jeddore of Wagmatcook First Nation, NS graduates with her Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in English. However, there is no break in studies for this graduate. Brittany has already started courses in the CBU/Memorial Bachelor of Education program and is believed to be the first Aboriginal student; something that makes her proud.

"I hope that I can be the first to show other Aboriginal students that they can accomplish their dreams like I have accomplished mine. It would be rewarding to see more Aboriginal students become involved in this program in the future."

Three years ago, after attending university for a few weeks on the mainland, she came to CBU and has never looked back.

"This was probably the best decision I have ever made. I love CBU. Many of the professors and students at CBU will be great friends of mine for the rest of my life."

Brittany isn't the only one in her family with a CBU parchment. Her brother and his wife are also graduates. "They both encouraged me to attend CBU and told me about how great their experiences." She notes support came from off and on campus and included the Mi'kmaq College Institute. "It's truly a place that supports Aboriginal students here at the university."

Future plans for Brittany include getting married this July and once she finishes her degree she hopes to teach school in her community.

Keluk Telatikn Brittany.

Brittany (L) is seen here with
CBU Chancellor Annette Verschuren

Alcohol & Drug Addictions amongst our youth

Dear Editor:

Greetings from Indian Brook Mi’kmaq First Nation! I want to bring to the readership’s attention an important issue that affects all of our communities – Alcohol & Drug Addictions amongst our youth – and the dedication that a group from our area has shown in undertaking steps to address the matter. I am also requesting support from Indian Country across Canada for two of our Mi’kmaq community members, Wade Sack and Jacob Googoo. These two young dedicated men are biking across Canada in support of Alcohol and Drug Awareness.

Wade and Jacob have joined The Ride 4 Recovery Campaign in their endeavours to help raise Drug and Alcohol awareness in schools, drug treatment centers and communities across Canada. The group is also raising funds to help re-open the doors of Recovery House - a treatment centre has helped save many lives since 1971. Wade and Jacob would like to help keep the Recovery House doors open so it can continue help youth overcome their struggles with alcohol and drug addictions.

The boys and the group are going to need financial and moral support to help them achieve their goal. When I spoke to Wade’s mother, Ida Sack, she was concerned with the boys having enough funds to accommodate them on their trip as well as help raise money for Recovery house at the same time. She commented, “They are going to need replacement equipment for their bikes like tires, chains, articles of clothing like sneakers and socks, necessities etc. It’s something nobody really thinks of….but they are necessary. Also needed are items like grocery, accommodations etc. It’s going to be a long trip.”

The boys/group left Glace Bay on April 30/07 and hope to complete their trip in Vancouver on June 18, 2007. A web page is being developed of the trip and will be available soon. If you want to send words of encouragement, please contact Ida @ ida_sack@hotmail.com, Wade @ wade-sack@hotmail.com. The coordinator of the Ride 4 Recover is Doug McBain. He can be contacted at (902) 382-2200, email: w0004305@nscc.ca. The cell phone number the group is using on the trip is (902) 754-2007.

If anyone out there can help them please contact Ida Sack @ (902) 758-2579, email: ida_sack@hotmail.com.

Thanks, Vera Marr
Indian Brook, NS

Three-dimensional facial reconstruction

Athena Paul is working with Membertou on a three dimensional facial reconstruction through ultrasound measurements. Currently there is no Aboriginal data to reconstruct facial skeletal remains. Membertou has embarked on a journey to create a database of facial measurements of Mi'kmaq in Membertou. This data would also aid in the age progression of missing children or for identification.

Dr. Tanya Peckmann (St. Mary's University - Forensic Specialist) and Sgt. Michel Fournier (RCMP forensic unit) will be travelling to Louisiana to retrieve the ultrasound machine and will be trained on how to use the technology. They will train Athena to do the ultrasound measurements on 19 points of the face and will take only a few minutes.

Membertou is collaborating with Louisiana's FACES project www.lsu.edu/facesla

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